These opaque beakers in rigid, non-porous, smooth surfaced PTFE, resist all chemicals except molten alkali metals and fluorine, and are an efficient substitute for platinum. They can withstand 260┬░C continuously or 300┬░C for short periods and have flat bases suitable for heating on controlled electric hot plates.
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Technical Specification

Material PTFE Colour Opaque White
Temperature Range -200┬░C to 300┬░C


Capacity O.D. ID Height
1ml 13mm 12mm 18mm
5ml 20mm 17mm 26mm
10ml 24mm 21mm 33mm
25ml 32mm 28mm 47mm
50ml 43mm 38mm 60mm
100ml 54mm 49mm 68mm
250ml 66mm 61mm 97mm
500ml 80mm 73mm 125mm
1000ml 100mm 89mm 155mm

Product Range

Capacity  Product Code Price (+VAT)
1ml BWN002 £4.34 In Stock
5ml BWN006 £5.06 In Stock
10ml BWN008 £14.50 In Stock
25ml BWN012 £16.45 In Stock
50ml BWN018 £28.07 In Stock
100ml BWN024 £44.29 In Stock
250ml BWN030 £84.27 In Stock
500ml BWN036 £119.17 In Stock
1000ml BWN040 £128.11 In Stock
PTFE Beakers are opaque and therefore non-graduated.

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