'Drinking Water' - First Aid Sign

Signs are available in Self-Adhesive Vinyl or Semi-Rigid PVC. Self-adhesive Vinyl has a peel-off backing exposing an adhesive suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Semi-Rigid PVC is a more sturdy plastic material and can be easily punched or drilled to allow for screw fixing. A range of double-sided tapes and pads is also available to help with fixing of signs.
  • 'Drinking Water' - First Aid Sign

Product Range

Size  Sign Material  Product Code Price (+VAT)
75x55 1mm Semi-Rigid PVC 119-3586 £2.26 In Stock
200x150 Self-Adhesive Vinyl 119-3683 £3.49 In Stock
200x150 1mm Semi-Rigid PVC 119-3780 £6.15 In Stock
  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Pack
Double-sided foam fixing tape 12mm x 15m 133-8407 £16.97 In Stock
Double-sided foam fixing tape 25mm x 15m 133-8504 £22.21 In Stock
Double-sided foam fixing pads (pack/4) 133-8698 £1.88 In Stock